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At a time when it is necessary to raise environmental awareness, the wood has become one of the “smarter” materials that we encounter at every step. So Tony’s reCycles decided to make something that will excite the imagination of bicycle drivers and push the limits of the concept “bicycle” in aesthetic sense.

Our bicycle wood fenders can be configured to your individual wants and needs, such as color, width, wood type and application.

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You can choose from the ten species of wood. Please note that because the wood is a natural product, slight variances in color and wood structure are possible.



Currently offered fenders are for 26’ and 28’ wheel size

Wheel sizes

* Based on bike industry sizes for wheels. The actual outside diameter of the tire is the most important measurement for sizing fenders. If your bike has very fat tires, you may need to order larger diameter fenders.

You can also choose the width of your fenders in relation to the width of your outer tire


* Fender width should be as wide, or slightly wider than your tires.


Hardware & Finish

All of the mounting hardware is hand-made out of stainless steel to prevent rusting, and fenders are coated with multiple layers of Marine grade polyurethane (matte or gloss finish).

It usually takes around 15 days to create a pair of fenders, but time frame may vary depending on complexity of your order.

Each pair has its own serial number and Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by Tony himself.

There is a myriad of options for assembling custom fenders: ten species of wood, six different widths and personal choice of application (drawings, company logo, text, etc….).

Maintenance and cleaning

Our fenders are very sturdy and easy to maintain.

After a ride simply use dry cloth to wipe them down for heavier dirt or water – under no circumstances should aggressive cleaning agents be used.

Do not lean or expose them to direct source of heat such as radiators or various heaters.

How to order?

Fill out the form bellow, and in consultation with you, we will make fenders for your bike, which are unique, with distinctive application that only you have.

In case of damage or any other problem, please contact us via email or phone and we will be more than happy to help and provide you service for damaged fender.